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Passion is a beautiful word especially when its within the subject matter of  a “person”, “action” or “thing”. Simply utilize the words “I am passionate for” and you fill in the blank. Just think of the possibilities.

Here at Skies The Limit we are partnering with people who are passionate about “Travel”. But if that was the end of the story well it would be just plain old boring. Although our clients are passionate about “Travel” we at Skies The Limit Travel are passionate about getting our clients the very best deals their money can afford. Simply put, “Getting our clients great deals on travel is our passion”.

If you are passionate about travel then we need to talk because we are passionate about allowing you to enjoy your passion.

Skies The Limt Travel your passion and low cost travel partner.

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Disney’s signature cruises now servicing San Diego, CA



West Coast Families will be pleased to know that you can now take an awesome family cruise to the Mexican Riviera out of San Diego, CA upon a Disney’s signature voyage! You will experience attention to details and rich storytelling which are some of the many reasons why Disney cruises are voted among the best at sea. Book your trip today and experience the awesome Disney Cruise experience!



Behold Broadway-caliber musicals and fireworks at sea, celebrate at deck parties and watch new Disney movies in 3D. A wide variety of activities and experiences for the whole family include:

  • Extravagant live shows and entertainment every night of your cruise
  • Unique deck parties starring favorite Disney Characters
  • Immersive kids clubs for every age with specially trained counselors and the longest complimentary hours at sea
  • Adults-only nightclubs and lounges
  • Themed dance parties, trivia, mixers and karaoke
  • Character meet-and-greets at designated onboard destinations
  • Fun-filled activities for every age—sun-up to well after sundown
  • First-run and classic Disney movies out on deck or in state-of-the-art theater spaces
  • Live music throughout the ship



Whether it’s a cozy retreat or an extravagant suite, staterooms are designed with your family in mind—boasting innovative comforts and modern features you won’t find elsewhere. Standard amenities include:


  • Split bathrooms (in most staterooms) and privacy curtains that make getting ready easier for everyone
  • In-stateroom, H20 Plus-branded spa, bath and shower toiletries
  • Ample storage space, including room underneath the bed for tucking away luggage
  • A refrigerator
  • A hairdryer
  • Television and in-room movies
  • Attentive housekeeping services twice a day—including turndown service

Let Skies The Limit Travel book your signature cruise and experience the magic of Disney all at a lowest price imaginable.


Sincerely your low price travel partner Skies The Limit Travel.


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Skies The Limit Travel


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Become a Travel Agency and we pay your fees

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Skies The Limit Travel

Why pay high travel prices, Pt 2

Airline over mountainsIt is quite understandable why large travel agencies such as Costco, BookIt.com,  Orbitz, Travelocity and the likes have the prices that they do. It is not a surprise that these large agencies have large overheads. They have numerous employees, high advertisement cost and large infrastructure cost which all contributes to the vacation prices they offer. Bottom line is somehow and someway these items must be accounted for within their price structure and their cost of doing business.

Well, not at Skies The Limit Travel. We have made it a central part of our business plan to keep overheads to a minimum. By keep our cost low we can offer lower than industry prices to our customers earning the label of low cost travel partner.

The industry average for overhead cost typically range from 35-45% of the transaction cost. A typically $1500 vacation package has embedded cost of $525- $675 in profit due to overhead cost. This cost is not even considering profit towards the corporation which can safely be assumed as 10%-25% in addition to the overhead cost. The total cost above the package deal all wholesalers are provided can range anywhere in the neighborhood of 45%-70% of the cost of the basic package. Meaning your vacation package can have an additional  $1100 tacked on for a large company and at a minimum of $675. Yes that is a range of $675-$1100 in cost of doing business (overhead) and profits. None of these cost are unfair to the business. They have taken the risk of operation and provide a very useful service.

But, with Skies The Limit Travel we have lowered the overhead and profit levels to a bare minimum in order to attract your business. The obvious disclaimer from our competitors is the quality of travel packages, hotel and resort stays are not of the same quality and don’t come with the same guaranties which they can provide and our packages are not as good as what they can offer. Sorry  but this cannot be farther from the truth and  don’t be fooled my friends. The same deals which are offered to the large agencies are also offered to us. Even better we search the entire portfolio of available vacations packages, resorts, travel booking provided by agencies such as FunJet, Delta Vacations, Pleasant Holidays and Blue Sky Tours which are some of the largest booking agencies within the industry.

So, bottom line we are here not to just save you money  but to save you a significant amount of money and provide the same high quality which you desire upon your next vacation package.

We can offer savings on a regular basis of 25%-40% below the lowest price of any travel agency on your next vacation package. What do you have to lose other than the high travel cost of your next trip? I am sure you would not mind an extra $300, $500 or $700 to spend when you arrive at your destination. Well, we aim to provide just that and more. Our individualized customer service cannot be compared. The small details such as special gift upon arrival and attention to detail cannot be found by the large chain travel agencies and once you have witnessed this type of service you will never again accept anything less.

So, in closing hello from Skies The Limit Travel, your low cost travel partner.

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Why pay high travel prices

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Vacation Ad-9Our Prices Are Absolutely The Best within the Travel Agency Community!

Yes we said it and meant it. Our prices are the lowest on combined travel deals such as hotel stays plus air travel. When it comes to group travel we cannot be beat. Our specialties are Group Travel, Corporate Travel, Group Tours, Vacations, Cruises and Hotel Stays.

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We promise to beat any price on your vacation package.

Hello from Skies The Limit Travel your new travel partner.